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  • BladeLAB sharpening uses zero heat diamond soft hones to sharpen your shears…
    All other processes require heat generating blade shredding grinding!
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  • BladeLAB sharpening eliminates 100% of grinding and the heat it causes! ―No other source can do this!
  • Over 57% of BladeLAB customers now sharpen only twice a year!
    Saving enough money to buy a new shear every three years!
  • BladeLAB … the worldwide leader in shear sharpening!
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Shear Manufacturing & Sharpening Experience dating back to 1950!

100% reliable, 100% predictable, 100% consistent … 100% of the time!  That’s the differences between BladeLAB sharpening and that provided by every other source! 

Another difference is BladeLAB’s exclusive use of patented DiamondHONE Javelin sharpeners.  Computer controlled, Javelins are the world’s most advanced sharpeners …improving performance of every shear sharpened by up to 500%, or greater! Controlled by two on-board computers, one controls analytical and mathematic operations, the other controls positioning of the shear’s blades.  Javelins are allowing BladeLAB and leading shear manufacturers to bring to market shears that have performance levels never before thought possible. 

BladeLAB sharpening does not change your shear, make it different or prevent it from being sharpened by any other process in the future … it simply corrects manufacturing inconsistencies that would have been corrected by the shear’s manufacturer when it was made ― had DiamondHONE Javelins been available at the time.  By Eliminating the minor differences that exist between each blade's critical inside features, correcting the differences between each blade's pivot surfaces and applying the new inside edge geometries proven to eliminate hair damage, BladeLAB corrects the manufacturer based inconsistencies thus allowing your shear to perform like never before.

You can now save hundreds, even thousands, of dollars over purchasing the markets newest high performance DiamondHONE blade shears by simply having BladeLAB sharpen your current shears. Simply by eliminating the grinding process that all other sharpening techniques require, which eat away at the blades, BladeLab Sharpening extends the life of your shears by up to 800% or more!!  

Tthousands of stylists throughout America, and an even greater number of International stylists are now using the BladeLAB Sharpening Center for their shears … you should also!  The reasons are simple: better performance, reliable results, and the same feel from one sharpening to the next makes BladeLab the uncontested best value

Performance Improvements following BladeLAB Sharpening:

Brands with 500% or more Improvement

559% Better Performance!

533% Better Performance!

521% Better Performance!

508% Better Performance!

Brands with 400% or more Improvement

423% Better Performance!

467% Better Performance!

471% Better Performance!

447% Better Performance!

461% Better Performance!

419% Better Performance!

Brands with 300% or more Improvement

307% Better Performance!

324% Better Performance!

337% Better Performance!

343% Better Performance!

352% Better Performance!

312% Better Performance!

301% Better Performance!

363% Better Performance!

Shark Fin
307% Better Performance!

327% Better Performance!

348% Better Performance!

351% Better Performance!

And more!