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Customer Comments

I have always heard that a sharp shear will cut the plastic that covers dry-cleaning?

Actually, a shear that will cut this material has its blade edges in direct contact and under high pressure … it will dull quickly and nick easily. BladeLAB sharpened shear will not cut this material. Yet, as it relates to cutting hair, which is the issue, BladeLAB sharpened shears are much sharper, stay sharp much longer and resist virtually all normal nicks.

You claim your shears are over twice as sharp, how do you know?

This is quite a technical question … the simplest answer is even challenging, here goes: Sharpness depends on what is being cut and how the comparison is being made. BladeLAB uses a number of static and dynamic tests as well as microscope analysis to evaluate changes in the blade edge after a set number of cuts. The first test; Static Energy Analysis, measures the pressure required to push the sharpened blades through a single hair, from rest. The second test; Dynamic Slide Analysis, measures the distance a hair slides toward the blade tip prior to first blade penetration. The third test; Kinetic Energy Analysis, measures the amount of energy required to complete a cut. The final test; Microscope analysis, is a subjective analyses of the blade edge under extreme magnification. Deformation of the edge is measured and rated to arrive at some meaningful number.

This testing is conducted at many points along the blade edge and with different hair samples. Averaged over more than 400 completed testing files, BladeLAB sharpened shears average ratings of more than 700% (minimum) better (we only claim 200%) than all others for the first test, Static Energy Analysis. The standard deviation for BladeLAB sharpened shears is less than 6.2%, compared to others at more than 350%, for the first test, Static Energy Analysis. Similar findings were common with the balance of tests.

BladeLAB claims that after sharpening a shear will resist up to 99.3%, or more, of nicks, how is this possible?

BladeLAB uses DiamondHONE Javelin computer controlled sharpening equipment. Javelins correct the minor manufacturing inconsistencies that are found in every shear ever made, these include: differences between the pivot surfaces of each blade, variations in blade camber and edge/spine radius and more. Simply put, the mating and sliding surfaces of each blade are not mirror images of each other. At a minimum, these variations allow the blades to roll inward toward each others edges, resulting in edge-to-edge collision, and outward, away from each others edges, leading to pushing and even folding of the hair … in extreme cases. Javelins correct these minor variations, eliminating the rolling … which virtually eliminates edge collisions and the rapid dulling and self nicking it causes. Secondly, Javelins are so precise the outer most 0.0002” of edge on the inside part of each blade can be angled slightly away from the opposite edge. This means the edges cannot make direct contact, and that eliminates most nicks. Extensive field and lab testing, over a 5 year period, has proven more than 99.3% of nicks are avoided. Plus, when an impact event is sufficient to deform the 0.0002” of edge and cause nicking, it rarely transfers to the opposite blade, farther increasing resistance. Finally, these advances are so subtitle that sharpening by any other means will erase them, instantly, meaning BladeLAB sharpening will never prevent the shear from being sharpened by any other means.

BladeLAB claims DiamondHONE Javelin sharpeners are controlled by computers, what does this mean and how does it help?

Javelin’s are the most advanced sharpeners ever brought to market. Every shear ever made has variations between its two blades, these inconsistencies lead to slight rolling motion between the blades. Prior to Javelins it was not possible for manufacturers to eliminate these inconsistencies, or to make exact identical complimentary copies of the blade’s inside elements (mating/sliding surfaces). Javelin makes this easy and quick by using two computers, one controls the mathematic and analytical tasks, the other controls positioning of the blade (motion control). By properly aligning and position the blades at the time they are sharpened, these inconsistencies can be easily eliminated, vastly improving the performance of every shear sharpened (all brands and models, regardless of price point). Next, Javelins are heavy and solid, allowing for precision honing of the blade edges. Using diamond particle soft hones, the edges are sharpened and finished to a fine mirror polish … without any heat being injected into the blade. Plus, Javelins do not require buffing in the process, so the edges and surfaces remain as they were applied … sharp, flat and faceted. Javelins computer controls and precision mechanical system eliminate the inaccuracies found in humans; every shear is perfect and delivers excellent performance. In millions of sharpenings, there has not been a single failed result!

Can Javelins be used in the salon, or do we need to mail our shears to the BladeLAB Sharpening Center?

Javelins cannot be used on-site; you must mail your shears to us. A portable version of Javelin is available to sharpeners and others ― DiamondHONE SalonMASTER. SalonMASTERs do not have Javelin’s on-board computers or stiff mechanical system, instead they have dynamic control and a mechanical system capable of delivering the precision needed for salon level use. A properly trained technician can obtain excellent results with SalonMASTER, but Javelin is more advanced and more precise.

What are the differences between “High Performance” and “Premium” sharpening?

BladeLAB’s exclusive use of DiamondHONE Javelins sharpening systems means sharpening is more than 300% more efficient that everyone else’s … this is why we can deliver more, for less! There does, however, come a point where prices can’t be lower or what can be delivered for a price must remain constant. Some BladeLAB customers are happy with our “High Performance” sharpening … it is so much better than everyone else’s regular sharpening. Other customers, however, want to get the maximum their shear can deliver so, they demand “Premium” level sharpening … typically, these customers only sharpen once a year. Shears sharpened to “Premium” specification often remain sharp for much longer than a year where those sharpened to “High Performance” specification remain sharp for up to a year. “Premium” is typically considered by most customers to be the best value … even when “High Performance” is running on a discount ― both are excellent choices.

Our salon has been using BladeLAB sharpening for years, our shears never seem to dull. How do we tell when they need to be sharpened?

BladeLAB sharpened shears do not dull the same as when sharpened by other processes. The reason is your shear is working more smoothly and accurately. There is no reason that if you care for your shear as intended, store and transport it carefully and use if for hair only it won’t remain sharp indefinitely. BladeLAB recommends sharpening every 6 months for shears sharpened to “High Performance” and once a year for those sharpened to “Premium” specification. If your shear begins to push or fold you may need to sharpen, if not, you can continue using it until it does begin to push and/or fold.

BladeLAB recommends never adjusting blade pressure after sharpening. Why?

BladeLAB sharpened shears have mating and sliding surfaces that are perfectly aligned and matched. The first or second cycle of your shear each day or after a period of a few hours of nonuse will feel slightly tight, you will often want to adjust blade pressure … DON’T, your shear will loosen up in another cycle or two! This is a common mistake for new customers. BladeLAB recommends you simply air cut a few times, then begin using your shear … it will loosen up quickly. If not, contact the BladeLAB Service Desk before adjusting, if possible.

Performance Improvements following BladeLAB Sharpening:

Brands with 500% or more Improvement

559% Better Performance!

533% Better Performance!

521% Better Performance!

508% Better Performance!

Brands with 400% or more Improvement

423% Better Performance!

467% Better Performance!

471% Better Performance!

447% Better Performance!

461% Better Performance!

419% Better Performance!

Brands with 300% or more Improvement

307% Better Performance!

324% Better Performance!

337% Better Performance!

343% Better Performance!

352% Better Performance!

312% Better Performance!

301% Better Performance!

363% Better Performance!

Shark Fin
307% Better Performance!

327% Better Performance!

348% Better Performance!

351% Better Performance!

And more!