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    – Shears, Surgical Instruments & Specialty Items –
  • Featuring only DiamondHONE Sharpening Systems!
    – No Grinding, No Heat, Zero Blade Damage. Guaranteed –
  • Over 80% of BladeLAB customers were refered by other BladeLAB customers!
    ―That’s what delivering excellence, consistent and a reliable result delivers!
  • BladeLAB sharpening uses zero heat diamond soft hones to sharpen your shears…
    All other processes require heat generating blade shredding grinding!
  • More than 97% of BladeLAB customers report making a special effort to recommend BladeLAB to other stylists … especially those they know!
    ―There’s a reason … BladeLAB’s the best!
  • BladeLAB sharpening eliminates 100% of grinding and the heat it causes! ―No other source can do this!
  • Over 57% of BladeLAB customers now sharpen only twice a year!
    Saving enough money to buy a new shear every three years!
  • BladeLAB … the worldwide leader in shear sharpening!
  • Extensive Independent testing has proven … BladeLAB sharpened shears are sharper, stay sharp longer, resist most nicks and have a buttery soft feel!

Shear Manufacturing & Sharpening Experience dating back to 1950!

Welcome to the BladeLAB Sharpening Center!  Whether you’ve been using in-salon, show or mail order sharpening, your results are likely the same as everyone else’s; unreliable, unpredictable and inconsistent … that is, unless you’re already sending your shears to the BladeLAB Sharpening Center. 

BladeLAB breaks the mold!  Our results are 100% reliable, 100% predictable and 100% consistent …100% of the time!  One of the main reasons BladeLAB sharpened shears are always sharper, stay sharp longer, can resist most nicks and have a buttery soft feel is our exclusive use of DiamondHONE Javelin sharpening systems.  Controlled by two powerful on-board computers Javelin’s are the most advanced sharpening systems ever brought to market.  Javelin’s patented process eliminates all grinding, heat and excess metal removal by using low pressure diamond particle hones to precisely align your shears pivot surfaces, inside blade angles, blade-to-blade parallelism and more.  After a single BladeLAB sharpening, your shear will perform to a level never before thought possible. 

Independent testing has proven BladeLAB’s sharpening improves performance of all brands and models of shears by up to 500%, or greater.  It has also proven BladeLAB sharpening will never grind away your blades or cause the heat related damage all other sharpening processes are proven to cause.  BladeLAB is now the worldwide leader in sharpening hair, surgical or other shears … and, we sell more new shears than any other source, globally!  The reasons are simple; BladeLAB’s results are reliable and dependable, our prices for shears are often 20% below “show prices” and our service is professional, courteous and pleasant.   You owe it to yourself, and your clients, to switch to the BladeLAB Sharpening Center … hundreds of thousands of other professionals are proof … BladeLAB is the BEST!

Sharpening Prices
Shear Form
Standard Shear Sharpening (All Brands & Models)
Return Shipping is NOT included
Premium Shear Sharpening (All Brands & Models)
Return Shipping is NOT included
DryPRO Shear Sharpening (All Brands & Models)
BladeLAB's Premium Service, but enhanced for dry cutting with our unique DryPRO edge geometry. Note: Return Shipping is NOT included
Thinning Shear Sharpening (All Brands & Models)
Return Shipping is NOT included
BLAST Marking and Tracking
One time fee, may require advance notification period of up to 10 days, call for details.
For more information about BLAST Marking and Tracking, Click here.
Re-application of altered or removed BLAST identifiers
One time fee, may require advance notification period of up to 10 days, call for details., requires proper removal and re-issuance of a new identifier
For more information about BLAST Marking and Tracking, Click here.
Shear Finger Ring Insert
Must be ordered at time of service

1-2 Shear Return Shipping, Handling & Insurance
3+ Shear Return Shipping, Handling & Insurance
Note: Only applies if 3+ shears are shipped in the same package, and returned to one address.
Expedited Shipping Services
Call for Quote
International Services
Call for Quote

Beauty School & Student Discounts
Beauty Schools & Students wishing to obtain information on Programs & Pricing need to contact the BladeLAB Educational Desk at (678) 710 - 1040.

Performance Improvements following BladeLAB Sharpening:

Brands with 500% or more Improvement

559% Better Performance!

533% Better Performance!

521% Better Performance!

508% Better Performance!

Brands with 400% or more Improvement

423% Better Performance!

467% Better Performance!

471% Better Performance!

447% Better Performance!

461% Better Performance!

419% Better Performance!

Brands with 300% or more Improvement

307% Better Performance!

324% Better Performance!

337% Better Performance!

343% Better Performance!

352% Better Performance!

312% Better Performance!

301% Better Performance!

363% Better Performance!

Shark Fin
307% Better Performance!

327% Better Performance!

348% Better Performance!

351% Better Performance!

And more!