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    – Shears, Surgical Instruments & Specialty Items –
  • Featuring only DiamondHONE Sharpening Systems!
    – No Grinding, No Heat, Zero Blade Damage. Guaranteed –
  • Over 80% of BladeLAB customers were refered by other BladeLAB customers!
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  • BladeLAB sharpening uses zero heat diamond soft hones to sharpen your shears…
    All other processes require heat generating blade shredding grinding!
  • More than 97% of BladeLAB customers report making a special effort to recommend BladeLAB to other stylists … especially those they know!
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  • BladeLAB sharpening eliminates 100% of grinding and the heat it causes! ―No other source can do this!
  • Over 57% of BladeLAB customers now sharpen only twice a year!
    Saving enough money to buy a new shear every three years!
  • BladeLAB … the worldwide leader in shear sharpening!
  • Extensive Independent testing has proven … BladeLAB sharpened shears are sharper, stay sharp longer, resist most nicks and have a buttery soft feel!

Pioneered Shear Manufacturing & Sharpening as early as 1950 – Over 50 years experience!

BladeLab is owned by one of the world's most respected applied technology, engineering and manufacturing companies, Kagawa Technologies, and is fast becoming one of the markets newest business models.  Structured as a hybrid market hub, BladeLAB is comprised of three business units: Sharpening Center, Distribution Hub and Specialty Products Center.  Each unit operates independently but also draws on the collective knowledge and resource pool that extends across all Kagawa companies, including the world's largest shear manufacturer, RazorCUTz Shears.  BladeLAB’s Distribution Hub and Specialty Products Center currently accept customers on an invitation only basis. 

Formed in 2005 to provide worldwide sharpening services for hair shears and other professional edged instruments, BladeLAB has quickly grown to be the premier source for sharpening … both domestically and Internationally.  The BladeLAB Sharpening Center is currently located in more than 50,000 SqFt of combined office/high technology industrial space, but may soon move to an even larger facility.  In addition to sharpening and repair services, BladeLAB’s Sharpening Center also supplies specialized sharpening equipment to the world’s shear manufacturers as well as other providers of sharpening services.

The BladeLAB Sharpening Center is FDA registered, inspected, approved and clinically certified to sharpen and service all levels of medical and surgical devices and instruments.  The BladeLAB Sharpening Center is also certified to provide sharpening and edge maintenance services to the Department of Defense, NASA, NOAA, the Russian Space Agency and other National and International agencies, bureaus, educational centers and more.  BladeLAB Sharpening Center services include sharpening of shears and other edged instruments, specification development for materials sciences associated with edge performance, applied engineering of sharpening systems and technologies and more.

Performance Improvements following BladeLAB Sharpening:

Brands with 500% or more Improvement

559% Better Performance!

533% Better Performance!

521% Better Performance!

508% Better Performance!

Brands with 400% or more Improvement

423% Better Performance!

467% Better Performance!

471% Better Performance!

447% Better Performance!

461% Better Performance!

419% Better Performance!

Brands with 300% or more Improvement

307% Better Performance!

324% Better Performance!

337% Better Performance!

343% Better Performance!

352% Better Performance!

312% Better Performance!

301% Better Performance!

363% Better Performance!

Shark Fin
307% Better Performance!

327% Better Performance!

348% Better Performance!

351% Better Performance!

And more!