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Terms & Conditions

The BladeLAB Sharpening Center, a unit of Kagawa.com,LLC, hereafter referred to as “BSC” operates in accordance with the following terms & conditions, policies & procedures. Agreeing to and accepting the following Terms & Conditions / Policies & Procedures, in their entirety is a condition of conducting business with BSC, this includes but is not limited to accepting BSC’s following, published and/or customary remedies. Those wishing to conduct business with BSC further agree that any and all disputes and/or claims will first be resolved/exhausted through ascending order of City of Suwanee, Gwinnett County, State of Georgia based means of binding arbitration conducted by a reputable non-biased registered arbitration/mediator/mediation firm; any and all issues requiring court actions must be resolved through above applicable courts, starting at lowest level. In the event any part of these Terms & Conditions / Policies & Procedures are deemed by a ruling Court to be invalid those remaining will remain in full effect.


1. SHARPENING: BSC reserves the right to refuse service on any and all shears, for any reason its Officer(s) or designated representative(s) deems appropriate; BSC restricts sharpening service offering(s) to those shears presented in their original “as manufactured” condition, are in “good working” order, that are absent prior sharpening related damage(s) and that were manufactured to a quality level sufficient to warrant sharpening; BSC reserves the right to reject those shears illegally imported into the USA or that entered Interstate commerce via illegal market channels; BSC is required by law to seize any and all shears known to be stolen and return them to their rightful owner; All shears serviced by BSC are laser/chemical marked with a unique tracking number.

2. REPAIR/RESTORATION SERVICES: Note: Since before 1990 a significant number of low quality shears, often manufactured in China and/or its Republic Taiwan as well as India and Pakistan, have entered the market under over 150 brand names. Many of these poor quality shears have been sold at prices normally paid for shears of the highest quality and sold by many of the most trusted brands in the market. Most, if not all, suffer failures in their steel and construction, failures that do not appear until being sharpened, dropped or that result from time; These failures include, but are not limited to: out gassing flaws, internal stress relieving, brittle edges, etc.; Occasionally these flaws do not reveal until being sharpened at a later date. In these cases it is BSC’s policy to make every reasonable effort to return the shear to a usable performance level, notify owner of discovered flaws and refuse future sharpening request on that specific shear; BSC is not liable for flaws originating from original manufacturing; Customer is liable for any and all prior agreed/quoted charges as well as return shipping charges. BSC reserves the right to refuse the repair of any and all shears for any reason it deems necessary; Repairs such as bumper replacement, pivot system failures or tips bent/broken/damaged may require prior approval by customer, as determined by BSC; BSC does not recommend camber adjustments as greater than 50% of attempts result in blade breakage; At no time and under no circumstances is BSC liable for blade breakage as such events can only be the result of flaws associated with the original manufacturing process (poor quality steel, flawed heat treating process, etc). BSC recommends hair care professionals protect their investments by purchasing shears made by a reputable manufacturer, like RazorCUTz Shears.

3. PRIOR SHARPENING DAMAGE: BSC receives a significant number of shears having various levels of prior sharpening damage; Damage includes over heated (softened) steel, alterations to pivot surface(s), non-uniform blade angles, camber adjustment errors and more; Many of these errors can be corrected in the normal course of the DiamondHONE sharpening process; Damages exceeding those correctable by BSC’s skilled technicians and DiamondHONE technologies are elevated to one of BSC’s shear engineers; In cases where damages are not correctable at the engineer level BSC will notify owner and return shear in “best possible” operational order; Owner remains liable for only costs of sharpening; Any additional charges/actions will require prior approval.


1. PADDED MAILERS: Do not use padded mailers as primary protective shipping container; BSC supplier padded mailers are for secondary (to be included inside another container designed for the primary purpose of protective shipping container) packaging only; addressing / information sections on BSC supplied mailers is for the exclusive use by carrier inspectors, in the event, primary packaging is destroyed; RECEIVING/ACCEPTANCE: Any and all damages and/or losses to package and/or contents prior to receiving/acceptance by BSC are exclusive to that commercial contract; RETURN OF DAMAGED PACKAGES/CONTENTS: Shipments received/accepted by BSC and having shipping related damage suggestive of damage to contents will be returned to sender unopened and “as received” in a container of sufficient size as to permit return of original unopened “as received” package; Sender is liable to BSC for all return shipping/packaging related charges.

2. PACKING LIST: BSC reserves the right to refuse parcels lacking a completed & accurate Packing Slip appropriately attached to parcel’s exterior, and a second identical “copy” included inside said sealed parcel; Packing List must identify each included item, item brand, price paid, and date of last sharpening/service, item’s estimated value, sender/owner’s primary/secondary daytime contact information and requested action(s).


1. PERFORMANCE CONCERNS: BSC first relies both on incoming static and dynamic inspections of presented shear and the owners disclosures to determine the shears serviceability, performance level, ability to be sharpened and ability to perform “normally” and “as expected” following a BSC sharpening/service; BSC relies on shear’s owner (a professional user of shears and having the demonstrated skills to immediately identify unusual, unexpected or unnatural performance or changes in performance) to disclose any and all prior knowledge of performance related issues that may affect the above; Failure of owner to make proper disclosure(s) of known failures/concerns (blade pressure will not remain set, excess blade pressure required for shear to sever hair, prior sharpening related damage, rapid dulling, excess nicking, unusual changes in pushing/folding, etc) that is deemed by BSC experts critical to BSC’s ability to properly perform, access shear’s serviceability or that may affect post-service/sharpening performance can be grounds for rejecting shear and affecting future relations; BSC reserves the right to collect damages related to costs, loss of profits and damage to reputation resulting from such actions.

2. MULTIPLE IDENTICAL/SIMILAR SHEARS: Owners having more than one of the same or similar shears and attempting to defraud BSC by presenting a different shear and claiming faulty prior service will be liable for all sharpening/service costs and related shipping/processing costs on presented shear and prevented from conducting future business with BSC; Owners failing to satisfy payment for such services rendered will be subject to collection actions and associated costs.


1. FAILURE TO CLAIM PROPERTY:Items/property sent to BSC for service/sharpening and not claimed or that are returned to BSC following service are considered abandoned if BSC, executing normal and reasonable actions, cannot: locate, via notification to contact information provided on Service Form, rightful owner within in 30 days of service completion or return of item(s)/property; satisfy quoted payment for services rendered, within 30 days of notification of service completion to contact information provided on Service Form; does not receive notification/instruction, within 30 days of service completion/return of item(s)/property, from a responsible court or agency as to any pending actions involving said items / Abandoned items revert to the sole and exclusive ownership of BSC 30 days following any of the above defined 30 day periods and/or actions.

2. FORFITITURE:Items/property held for payment for services rendered are forfeited and become the sole and exclusive property of BSC 90 days following notification to contact information provided on Service Form if reasonable response is not received.


At no time and under no circumstances does BSC accept liability for damages and/or losses exceeding the price of services rendered or products purchased; In the event a court or arbiter rules BSC labial that liability is limited to the reasonable and valid costs of the wholesale price paid to the items original verified manufacturer, not marketer; This limits BSC’s exposure to no greater than $40USD for shears manufactured by a Chinese or Taiwan (Republic of China) based manufacturer, $50USD for shears manufactured by a Japan based manufacturer and at no time more than $60 for shears manufactured for any Internationally based manufacturer. BSC cannot be held liable and does not accept any liability for damages and/or losses beyond BSC’s direct control; BSC is not liable and does not accept liability for any BSC agent or that agent’s actions.

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423% Better Performance!

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471% Better Performance!

447% Better Performance!

461% Better Performance!

419% Better Performance!

Brands with 300% or more Improvement

307% Better Performance!

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337% Better Performance!

343% Better Performance!

352% Better Performance!

312% Better Performance!

301% Better Performance!

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