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  • BladeLAB sharpening uses zero heat diamond soft hones to sharpen your shears…
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  • Over 57% of BladeLAB customers now sharpen only twice a year!
    Saving enough money to buy a new shear every three years!
  • BladeLAB … the worldwide leader in shear sharpening!
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BladeLAB has been sharpening professional shears for over 50 years!
We sharpen all hair shear brands and models!

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  • As a platform stylist and educator for R____n I go through some shears and I am always having shears sharpened — Over 5 years ago I switched to BladeLAB, now my shears remain sharp over 4 times longer, almost never nick (even from drops) and have a soft buttery feel noone else has ever matched.  I buy all my new shears from BladeLAB, their everyday prices are more than 20% below everyone else’s “show” prices ... I strongly recommend BladeLAB!

    —B.H.; Atlanta, GA.

  • I use to buy cheap shears and just throw them away when they dulled; as everyone knows, sharpening results were that bad!  My partner gave me one of BladeLAB’s RazorCUTz shears in 2005 as a gift.  It, as advertised, eliminated my hand pain and even the fatigue .... amazing!  I send it back to BladeLAB once a year for sharpening, but it could easily go two or more years between sharpening.  I don’t know what they do that’s different, but everyone in our salon has the same experiences ... regardless of shear brand or style.

    —Wendy S.; San Francisco, CA.

  • Once I visited the BladeLAB Sharpening Center it became clear—  Computer controlled sharpening systems, technicians having years of experience and excellent quality control ... No wonder their results are so much better!  Using anyone else is a compromise. Our salons have standardized on BladeLAB — it’s simply a smart business decision ... our customers & staff deserve nothing less!

    —D.S.; Atlanta, GA.

  • I’ve always heard there’s no difference between sharpening places ... They’re all bad!  Not true anymore ... BladeLAB is a game changer!  No one, no where, no way has ever matched the results I get from BladeLAB.  It may sound cliché to say but “BladeLAB is where you want to be, guaranteed!”

    —Brenda, K.; Savannah, GA.

  • My husband is one of those mechanical guys, one who never believes anything ... you know the type.  He read about how BladeLAB has a different way of sharpening and, of course, didn’t believe it.  He knew I raved my shear’s performance after switching to BladeLAB but he felt it had to be a gimmick.  He took it to a physician friend who has a microscope ... There is a difference, you can see the edge is mirror polished and perfect!  I knew it worked better, now he knows it’s not a gimmick!

    —Kim D.; Charlottesville, VA.

  • Few things makes me as angry as having my shears ruined by a sharpener, or opening the box and discovering they are worse than before being sent for sharpening, or being told I did something wrong or my shear is no longer any good ... B.S.; If switching to BladeLAB is what it takes, so be it —    That’s how angry I was the first time I sent my shears to BladeLAB ... Over 3 years of using BladeLAB I have learned they do it right, have equipment noone else has and their saying is true — It Doesn’t Get Better!

    —Amanda H.; Carson City, NV

  • I would have never believed BladeLAB sharpening could actually reduce nicking ... How is it possible?  Since switching to BladeLAB our shears almost never nick, even when dropped.  Whatever the secret, it works!

    —Tine Weatherington, Laval, Montreal, Canada

  • Sugar, if you’re missing out on BladeLAB you’re missing out ... It’s that simple!  Noone likes losing money or getting a raw deal, so sweetheart you ain’t got nothing or noone to blame it you ain’t swinging with BladeLAB.  In our salon we’ve had over 63 shears sharpened in the last two years ... Not a single one came back “disappointing”.  Pretty good, BladeLAB!

    —Dolly Lynn Parsons;  Houston, TX.

  • Before BladeLAB, sharpening was a crap shoot; over half the time our shears didn’t work right or were destroyed and, many times, would not even cut.  Who cares if they give us back our money, our shears were damaged!  That all changed with BladeLAB.  Our salon chain has more than 335 stylists and 29 locations, all now use BladeLAB.  In over two years not a single shear has been returned for any reason nor has there been a single complaint.  Clearly, It Doesn't Get Better!

    —Holly F.; Boston, MA.

  • I use to send my shears to Scott Roskam ... until I discovered BladeLAB!  My shears are now sharper, stay sharp longer, almost never nick and in over 5 years I have never had a single shear come back not working perfectly!  I use BladeLAB because they are better, period!

    —Margaret H.; Mooresville, NC.

  • In over 30 years I have tried them all.  Honey, let me tell you what I am sure you already know — not a single one of those sharpening places or people can correctly sharpen a shear!  When I found BladeLAB, I found a first!  My shears are sharper, never nick any more and they cut better than when they were new!

    —Jason B.; Chicago, IL.

  • Hikari ain’t that and a box of chocolates, they don’t even make their shears.  Plus, there is no Hikari factory or sharpening center ... It is little more than a office suite with a few sharpeners, sad!   I have always sent my Hikari’s back to Hikari ... No more!  I tried BladeLAB once, that’s all it took.  There’s no comparison, BladeLAB’s results are so far beyond what I got from Hikari I will never go back.  And, BladeLAB is less expensive!  Thank You, BladeLAB.

    —J. Henry C.; Denver, CO.

  • Before switching to BladeLAB I sharpen each season ... BladeLAB reduced that to once a year, slashing my yearly sharpening costs by over 75%! — Our salon chain has all switched to BladeLAB, reducing sharpening needs to a maximum of once or twice a year.  BladeLAB has allowed everyone to save enough to buy a new shear every three years!  Why look a gift horse in the mouth?

    —Koy Lee; Mississauga, Canada

  • I would have never thought sharpening would make such a difference— but, when the sharpening is from BladeLAB, it does!  As a stylist to the stars, I must deliver the finest results possible.  When I read an article about BladeLAB and the fact their EdgeDART edge eliminated hair damage, I was sold.  Since switching all my shears to EdgeDART, my clients claim I must have changed shampoos or conditioners ... Not at all, I simply use the best sharpening center in the world ... BladeLAB!  Make the switch Today, you, and your clients, will be glad you did!

    —Hugo; L.A.

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